The UnTitled Collection, 

UnAssuming (Chianti/Peach/Coral)

The UnTitled Collection was designed by Jaime Derringer: artist, blogger, and founder of Design Milk. Jaime’s intuitive and fluid brushstrokes are reminiscent of Japanese Shodo calligraphy. The collection is free of spacial limitations, reaching beyond conceptual expectations of space and style. The designs are imagined to spill beyond the border or “coloring lines” of the rugs. Woven Concepts’ use of Ghiordes weave to innovate texture was likewise the outcome of an experimental product development process. Much like Zen calligraphy, the UnTitled collection was mastered with the flow of visual and tactile creativity that comes from a clear mind, void of intention or practice. The UnTitled Collection’s collaborative outcome of design and texture is a celebration of limitless capability and boundless creativity.


  • Availability - Stock (3-10 days) and Made to order (10-14 weeks)

  • Installation Methods – Area rug, inset, or wall-to-wall installation

  • Weave – Hand-knotted, using a Ghiordes weaving method, which creates a symmetric knot. 

  • Composition – Made with 100% New Zealand, highland wool.  Long fiber, semi-worsted, two-ply yarn is tightly hand-twisted, to create dimensional thickness. The inherent lanolin content of wool is a natural stain repellent.  The brush stroke is 100% natural silk.  The foundation is made of 100% cotton, which allows the rug to breathe.  Only natural washing solutions are used.

  • Texture - The material preparation results in a subtle visual patina in the wool, which also feels pliable, soft to the touch.  The fine-quality materials used, complex weaving method, and natural finishing process culminate in a soft and pliable rug.  Upon completion of weaving, the pile of each rug is hand-sheared low, to display the unique, grid-like, symmetrical weave.

  • Performance – Performs well in high traffic corporate, hospitality, commercial, and residential applications.  These highly durable rugs generally perform well for approximately 10-30 years, depending on the amount of use and the nature of application.




  1. Solid Color – Select one solid color, from existing color options.

  2. Existing Palate/Designs – Select from existing designs, in existing color combinations, with no changes.  Made to order from related sample and image.

  3. Interchangeable – Mix and match colors, using collection’s existing designs.  Swap out up to three current design colors, with up to three current collection colors.

  4. Custom – Custom color, custom pattern, custom shape, and/or custom materials available.  A custom up-charge applies for custom patterns, custom colors, alternating


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