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About Us



Woven Concepts is a boutique rug company, specializing in the conception and creation of high-end artisan rugs for commercial, residential, corporate and hospitality interiors.  In addition to our signature rug collections, we provide extensive custom rug capabilities.  Quality material and craftsmanship, distinctive design, pliable and soft textures, high performance weave, and fresh colors are elements that make Woven Concepts’ rugs outstanding.




The firm was founded by the first female generation of a four-generational family trade.  The Hakimian family are descendants of Silk Road merchants, trading in: carpets, textile dyes, exotic spices, and gold. 

Our rich family history with rugs began in the 1920’s when our grandfather and great-grandfather traveled from Iran to Pakistan to work as bonded agents. From the port city of Karachi, they transacted rug sales between Iranian vendors and European buyers. Our father continued the family tradition by opening a retail rug business in St. Louis; he innovated the production of high end rug collections.   Contributing a feminine touch to rugs, we realized the vision of a next generation, making custom rugs an accessible reality for the everyday buyer. 

The Woven Concepts team has an extensive knowledge of design and production, a background in high fashion, and a passionate disposition for rugs imprinted in our DNA. 



Woven Concepts has earned a reputation in superior customer service.  It is our goal to satisfy all of your interior rugs needs with uncompromising customer service.

We understand the value of attentive customer care.  It is our pleasure to convey the multitude of rug options to our customers, depending on the rug aesthetic, application, performance, lead time, and budget needs. 


Our service and customer care extends long past the customer transaction. 

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