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Rug Installation Instructions

The following installation instructions are only recommended for area rugs.  If you are using a professional installer, we recommend that your installer determine their preferred method of installation.

  • Vacuum and clean the floor well before placing the rug and pad.  Excessive rust under the rug pad, will cause the rug to move when walked on.

  • Open and install the rug pad first.  Face the textured side of the rug pad upwards, towards the rug, to create a grip effect.

  • If the rug pad arrives in multiple pieces, use grey packing tape to tape the rug pads together along the sides, without gaps or overlapping.  It is only necessary to tape the surface side of the rug pads, when combining.

  • You can use scissors to alter the size and shape of your rug pad.

  • The rug pad is intended to be a few inches short of the rug on all sides, so it does not peak out and so it allows the rug to drape down on the sides.

  • Place the unopened rug roll at your intended install location.  Cut the packaging open along the full roll.  Discard packaging and unroll the rug over the rug pad.

  • In order to move and position the rug in small increments after opening, pick up one or two corner(s) and fan in your direction.  This will move the rug in your direction in small increments as well as straighten the surface. 

  • After the rug is installed and positioned, walk from the center outward, dragging your feet forward as you walk, to push the air pockets out.  The air pockets will continue to dissipate with use.

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  • Hand-loom rugs are quite heavy and the rolls are very large. 

  • Depending on the size of your rug, you will need two to four people to carry and install the rug. 

  • It’s alright and momentarily necessary to slightly bend a hand-loom rolled rug, in order to bring it inside an elevator or turn a room corner.  Make certain that hand-loom rolls are not stored bent or folded for any period of time.  Folding or bending a hand-loom rolled rug for a sustained period of time can cause an unwanted permanent crease.


Always inspect your rug upon receipt, even if it will be stored before installation.  If there are any issues or damages as a result of delivery, be sure to report to Woven Concepts, within two days of receipt, so we may immediately address and rectify any problems. 

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