Ghelim Collection (Antique & Vintage)

One-of-a kind vintage and antique Ghelims rugs, from Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Eastern and Central Asia. These historic rugs, woven between 1890 and 1950, have a contemporary flair for color, alongside their transitional and tribal patterns. Each rug was curated in the 1960’s to be preserved as part

of a private collection, now available for purchase. There are approximately 160 rugs in the collection, mostly available in unusual sizes, customary gallery and kaleghi rug sizes, and small area rug sizes. Inquire for individual year and origin of each rug.


Antique flat-woven rugs from Mazandaran Iran, known as Mazandaran Kilims or Ghelims.  Deadstock vintage rug available in one-of-a kind tribal and geometric designs, with rich and bold color tones.


Antique and Vintage Ghelim rugs, from 1840 to 1960.  The Ghelims are one-of-a-kind, originating from different regions of Iran,  Afghanistan, and Turkey.

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