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"Our rug arrived this weekend and we are beyond thrilled! I am rarely if ever 100% satisfied with something I purchased, but I am 100% happy with this!  Thank you for your guidance in this investment!" 

- Beverly

"I appreciate the opportunity to have these rugs and feel very good buying them from a family owned business. I am grateful for the efforts of all the people it took to design, create and deliver these beautiful pieces."


- Nancy

"Woven Concepts provides a luxury level customer service for my company. We have been treated with such great care, that we want to use their product in every project!"


- Kelley

"I have had the pleasure of working with Woven Concepts for the last four years. They are exceedingly collaborative, always considering mutually beneficial ways to benefit their brand as well as ours. Their thoughtful approach to marketing is enviable and again, always done in the best interest of all parties. In addition, the Woven Concepts team are extraordinarily professional, and their patience - in addition to their calm, kind demeanor - makes our interactions very easy. Woven Concepts' expectation levels are high which is evident by their success and that of this wonderful family business."


- Troy

"I have worked with Woven Concepts on projects for my clients and they have been very attentive to detail and to making sure the clients are very satisfied not only with the product, but also with their service. Because of this attention, we will continue to use Woven Concepts for our future projects. I highly recommend Woven Concepts to anyone who has the opportunity to work with them."


- Michael

"I have had the pleasure of working with Woven Concepts recently when they provided my firm and me with a beautiful rug for my project. Woven Concepts is knowledgeable about their product. The information they present helps me better educate my own clients and potential clients. They are strategic and “forward thinking” in their marketing efforts. I am impressed with Woven Concepts' customer service, and the great pride they take in the work they do."


- Michael

"I had the good fortune to work with Woven Concepts on a recent Dream House project. Woven Concepts product was a highlight - well-received by all who viewed it. Throughout the process, Woven Concepts was helpful, generous, and completely professional. Their innovative approach to highlighting their product, in conjunction with our work, accrued to our mutual benefit. We are proud to be associated with Woven Concepts and look forward to working with them again."


- Tom

"Woven Concepts is very professional, reliable and attentive to detail. Great customer service skills."


- Marcelo

"I had the pleasure of working with the Woven Concepts family on several projects. They are extremely diligent and organized and have a clear vision of the client's needs. They are detail-oriented and provide valuable feedback in the creative process, from concept to execution making the creative process efficient and engaging. The innovative thinking behind each project has made our relationship very enjoyable and has produced great conversation pieces."


- Adina


"Woven Concepts was an excellent guide and director, offering great ideas, but best of all embraced our ideas and helped turn them into successful projects."


- Bryan

"Woven Concepts provided exceptional service in helping me with a design project. The quality of their product is peerless, and their service and attention to detail outstanding. They have my highest recommendation."


- Sean

"My kids love playing on the rug and we enjoy entertaining with it. The craftsmanship is excellent! I am very set on what I want and it was a pleasure working with Woven Concepts to create my vision. They not only made the process easy and smooth but is was fun too!"


- Emily

"Love love love my rug from Woven Concepts! Their beautiful design really transformed my room into a more modern space."


- Noushin

"I purchased four rugs. Two from the Bonn Collection, one from the Odyssey Collection (Slayton Eris), and one from the Rumi Collection (Lyocos). They are all amazing! The Odyssey and Rumi rugs are truly unique. The colors are gorgeous. I get so many comments on them from guests. I’ve had them all for several years and they still look brand new. The quality and customer service are amazing. Highly recommended!"

- Jackie

Teddy's Bears.jpg

"I’ve recently purchased my third Woven Concepts rug for my bedroom and I absolutely love it! The customer service rep is always so helpful in assisting me choose the best options for my home as well as answering all of my questions. I highly recommend this company!"


- Gabriela

"Woven Concepts is an exceptional company. They are wholeheartedly dedicated to offering top quality products, gorgeous designs, and top notch customer service."


- Sonia


"The rugs are spectacular, and the service the company provides is wonderful. No pressure to buy, and very helpful in providing choices and insight."


- Esther

"We absolutely love our rug from woven concepts. We put it in our daughter's room and she loves to play on it. Its amazingly soft and the colors are beautiful. We've had it for over a year and it still looks perfectly new. We are very happy with this purchase and will enjoy it for many years to come!"


- Katinka

"Woven Concepts has the most beautiful collection. Their customer service was very helpful and it was a pleasant conversation. Delivery was fantastic. It's a pleasure to walk bare foot on the carpet."


- Sarah

"Our designer chose a beautiful rug for our home. We are very happy with our purchase! Woven concepts was very professional and personable to work with. We love our rug and highly recommend this company!"


- Matthew

"We've been enjoying a Woven Concepts piece in our home for a few years now.. it gets better with age.... Love the deep family connection to the craft and the innovation in design and techniques I've seen fro Woven Concepts. Beautiful products."


- Adrian

"Experts at what they do. Cutting edge rugs & design. I already have my next rug picked out."


 - Yoni

"They were insightful about the rug selection process. we did not feel any pressure to purchase, but we did feel very well-informed."


- Patricia

"I bought a gorgeous rug from Woven Concepts! Super satisfied with my purchase!"


- Naomi

"My client doesn’t think much about rugs in general, but receiving his new Woven Concepts’ rugs changed his mind.  He told me that I hit the jackpot with these rugs.  I'm beyond thrilled. "


- Nikki

"My interior designer special-ordered three area rugs from Woven Concepts in February. The pandemic caused a delay in delivery but the company did all they could to get the rugs delivered. Once they arrived, we got detailed instructions regarding the installation. And the end result is spectacular. The rugs look as luxurious as they feel underfoot, plush but not overly thick. It's the exact sort of understated luxury that I was looking for. This luxury and service do come at a cost but it's money well spent. My experience with Woven Concepts has been top notch from beginning to end. I now know where I will go for area rugs from now on. Highly recommended!"

- Minh

"This is an incredible rug and has so much flow and luster.  Great workmanship."


"My new area rug is absolutely beautiful!!"

-Michael C.

"The best online rug shop. Beautiful neutral hand loomed rug. Really clean, simple, elegant."

-Patricia M.

"Gorgeous rug! Even better in person!"


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