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Quality Control & Rug Craftsmanship


Craftsmanship and quality are of the utmost importance to us.  We select the finest materials and utilize top quality dyes for making rugs.  Our master weavers are well-versed in our prescribed weaving techniques.  The weaver's skill is an art craft, so we collaborate with weavers that are passionate about their artistry.  Each collection is produced by a different group of weavers to ensure that the weavers are experts at the specific technique that is needed for the particular collection. 




Each custom or stock rug that ships to a customer undergoes three levels of quality control by three independent inspectors before arriving to the customer.  For a rug to pass Woven Concepts inspection standards it must be top quality, well constructed, properly finished, properly clipped, properly washed,  properly bound, color precise,  pattern accurate, and correct in size.  The first level of inspection occurs out our production facility, after it is woven and finished.  The second level of inspection is performed by an independent agent before the rug ships from our overseas facility.  The third and final level or rug inspection occurs at our New York warehouse

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facility, where each rug is inspected and photographed to confirm final approval.



Our carefully selected wool is moth proofed during the dying process. High lanolin content in the wool serves as a natural stain repellent. Woven Concepts uses high quality stable dyes for its dying process.

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