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HJR Rugs LLC dba Woven Concepts offers a limited one-year repair or replacement warranty for their exclusive rug collections and custom-made rugs.  This warrants the rug against manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials for a one-year period from the date of the original purchase.  To register a claim under this warranty, please contact Woven Concepts. This is a limited warranty and contains specific exclusions and limitations.


There are outside elements that may affect your rug's appearance over time. These conditions are normal, are not considered manufacturing defects, and are not covered under this warranty. Repair or replacement warranty does not cover certain inherent characteristics including, but not limited to, those described below, which may affect the product's appearance and/or performance over time. These normal occurrences include, but are not limited to the following:


  1. Due to the use of natural fibers and dyes, color and texture may vary slightly from one rug to another.  Slight textural differences may also occur due to the hand-washing and/or hand-shearing aspects of the finishing process.

  2. The color and texture of your rug may vary slightly from specification samples or from one rug to another, due to the use of natural fibers and dyes, as well as color dye lots. Color variation is a natural occurrence, inherent to the hand-dyed nature of yarns.  Slight differences in temperature, dyeing time, and other factors can result in different shades and tonalities of the same color between different dye lots of otherwise identical production.  A varying intensity or tonality of color between the approved sample and the ordered rug is not considered to be a defect. 

  3. Roll marks are caused by rolling the rug for shipment, but will normally disappear with routine vacuuming. Indentations marks caused by heavy furniture are a normal occurrence.

  4. All cut pile materials are subject to shading and pile pressure.  Matting and crushing can occur in all rugs, especially at pivot points and traffic paths.

  5. Highlighting and shading is a normal occurrence, particularly in cut pile rugs, resulting from light reflecting at different angles on the surface.

  6. Initial and subtle fuzzing is a normal occurrence.  Fuzzing is the result of loose fibers created during the weaving process. It will subside with routine vacuuming.

  7. Occasional sprouting or small pulls of fiber tufts is a normal occurrence. Simply surface trim the tuft with sharp shears and vacuum. Ridges or rows may develop in high-traffic areas.

  8. Subtle color fading is a normal occurrence, particularly as a result of sunlight exposure. Rotate your rug(s) periodically (once every few years) for even ware. 


This warranty does not cover not cover damage arising from any use that is different from the normal, intended use of the rug, including, but not limited to:


  1. Damage, deterioration, stain, loss of color or appearance caused by abuse, or improper or inadequate maintenance. Damage caused by use of inappropriate maintenance methods or failures to clear stains.  Routine suction vacuuming and incidental spot cleaning with use of mild and natural solutions are vital to maintaining the long-term durability and appearance of your rug.

  2. Damage to rug pile caused by beater brush vacuum or vacuum with brush attachment.

  3. Damage caused by one-time or repeated dragging of heavy or blunt objects across the rug.

  4. Damage caused by chlorinated or any other solvent-based cleaning agents. Damage caused by exposure to substances or contaminants which degrade or destroy color in rug.

  5. Damage or color change caused by grease, mud, asphalt, tar, paints, ink, rust, blood, cement, urine, feces, vomit, burns, pets, tears, cuts, pulls, shading or pile reversal fading. Damage caused by, sharp objects and the like.

  6. Damage arising from the condition of the floor, floor covering or sub-floor (i.e. undue moisture).

  7. Damage arising from use in environments maintained at abnormal temperature and humidity levels. Damage arising from outdoor use.  Damage arising from water leak exposure.

  8. Damage from casualty events, including but not limited to smoke, fire, storm, flood, or other natural disasters.

  9. Damage arising from placement in any area regularly subjected to wheeled or rolling apparatuses. 

  10. Damage arising from non-use of a rug pad (good quality underlay). Proper (durable and non-mesh) rug pad use is required for all rugs, in any application, to protect the rug and enhance the performance of the rug.  Woven Concepts will offer the purchase of a proper rug pad with every rug.

  11. Damage arising from any change, modification, installation to the rug which might occur after it leaves Woven Concepts’ premises, including, but not limited to the presence of chemicals, adhesives or materials which were not specified as components of the rug.




Any white glove or inside delivery service quoted or invoiced by Woven Concepts is based on the understanding that the delivery site will provide good access. Woven Concepts bears no responsibility for site surveys of delivery points or inside delivery to locations with limited access.

This warranty does not cover not cover damage that may occur in shipping, which is not a considered a manufacturing defect. All rugs undergo final inspection by Woven Concepts’ quality control department immediately prior to packaging and approval for release.  All rugs ship with secure packaging materials, using secure shipping methods.  The condition of the rug/package, intact or otherwise, should be noted on the bill of lading at the time of receipt, in the presence of the driver.  Any additional signs of rough handling should also be noted on the bill of lading at the time of receipt, in the presence of the driver. Your ability to file a claim for freight damage with the shipping carrier is waived if not noted on the delivery document at the time of delivery. Woven Concepts is not responsible or liable for any damage that occurs to the packaging or the rug as a result of mishandling during shipping.

Woven Concepts must be advised of all visible damages immediately. All wrappings and packaging must be retained in received condition until inspected by carrier. 


Freight damage must be reported to Woven Concepts within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of merchandise.




Woven Concepts performs careful inspection before the shipment of every rug; however, final inspection and approval are the ultimate responsibilities of the Buyer.


Immediately upon receipt, Buyer should open shipment and check if rug quantity, size, design, scale, colors, materials, weave, texture and description are correct and correspond with the Buyer’s order.

This warranty does not cover not cover manufacturing errors, which are not considered manufacturing defects. Manufacturing errors include but are not limited to error in rug size, color, shape, weave, material, pattern, or scale.  Buyer is responsible to report errors at time of delivery to Woven Concepts within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of merchandise, for Woven Concepts to consider remedy outside of this warranty.



If a manufacturing defect has been identified upon receipt of rug, or develops under normal conditions of use, Woven Concepts will repair or replace the damaged rug, at its discretion. Your sole and exclusive remedy under this limited warranty for any and all losses or damages resulting from defective rug shall be the repair or replacement of the rug, as determined by Woven Concepts in its sole discretion, or, to the extent permitted by law, within the limited warranty coverage period.  Woven Concepts holds the right to repair any damages to factory new standard.  Woven Concepts' total aggregate liability shall not exceed the rug’s invoice amount to the original purchaser. Woven Concepts is not responsible for bodily injury, property loss or damage, removal or relocation of furnishings, or any incidental or consequential damages or costs associated with repair or replacement.


If repair or replacement is chosen by Woven Concepts as the appropriate remedy, Woven Concepts will not be responsible for additional expenses including but not limited to: labor, the removal of furniture and the like which are located on, above, or around the rug, or shipping or handling. These additional expenses shall be borne by you. If the rug you originally purchased is not available, replacement will be made with a current, comparable Woven Concepts rug.


In no event shall Woven Concepts be liable for any consequential or incidental damages. In no event shall Woven Concepts’ liability, for any reason, exceed the amount actually paid by Buyer to Woven Concepts for the merchandise.


In no event shall Woven Concepts be liable to you for; any lost or prospective profits; losses or damages arising from delay in performance, consequential, incidental, special, or punitive damages arising out of the purchase or use of the rug resulting from the breach of these limited warranties or any implied warranties.



Warranties extended on Woven Concepts products are intended for the protection of the initial purchaser and are not transferable to any other party.  The period of coverage for this warranty is measured from the date you purchased the rug. The original invoice is required for proof of purchase.



Any claims under the warranties may require the submittal of photographs of the rug showing the defective portion or submission of the rug. Additionally, you must provide Woven Concepts all reasonably requested assistance and cooperation in evaluating your claim.



Attempting to clean your rug with a wet process of any kind, including, but not limited to, hot water extraction, carpet shampooing, or commercial aerosol foam products may permanently damage your rug and will void your warranty. 


This warranty does not cover not cover any Fiber-Seal or stain proof treatment that has been applied by Woven Concepts on behalf of the purchaser and invoiced through Woven Concepts.  All treatments requested by the purchaser and invoiced by Woven Concepts are the liability of the company used for treatment (e.g. Fiber Seal). 

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