Interior Project Placements

Quay Tower | Residence (Brooklyn)

Mitsubishi | Corporate Offices (Newark)

Assembly Row Miscela | Condo Lobby Amenity (Washington DC)

M Street Building | Lobby Reception (Washington DC)

SL Green | Amenity Center Whiskey Lounge (Manhattan)

Glass House by Windsor | Residence (Dallas)

AutoNation | Corporate Offices (Fort Lauderdale)

The Biltmore | Building Lobby (Manhattan)

Federal Home Loan | Corporate Offices (Washington DC)

400 Park Avenue South | Residence (Manhattan)

The Portals Phase V | Building Lobby (Washington DC)

Millburn Ridgefield | Executive Offices (Manhattan

Citiva | Commercial Lobby (Hudson Valley)

Wells Fargo Hudson Yards | Corporate Offices (Manhattan)

Jefferson Edge Platinum Park | Amenity Clubhouse (San Diego)

260 Franklin | Reception Lobby (Boston)

Residences at the Ritz Carlton | Private Residence (Philadelphia)

Federal Home Loan | Corporate Offices (Jersey City)

Fosse/Verdon | FX Series (Manhattan)

AMC Networks | Corporate Offices (Manhattan)

Dwell Prefab Home | Axiom by Turkel Design (Palm Springs)

56 Leonard | Tribeca Condo (Manhattan)

Nynex Corporation | Corporate Offices (Boston)

Outten Golden | Reception Lobby (Manhattan)

Hotel Indigo | Reception Lobby (Boston)

Taiwa Showroom | Haberdashery (Manhattan)

Westshire Manor | Residence (Los Angeles,)

Illuminating Engineering Society | Lighting Society (Manhattan)

The New Work Project | Work Space (Brooklyn)

Bain Capital | Corporate Offices (Manhattan)

U.S. Navy Officers | Investment Firm Club (Annapolis)

Netflix Producer | Private Residence (Clinton Corners)

The Ritz Carlton | Main Lobby (St. Louis)

2 Midtown | Lobby Reception Areas (Miami)

The Langham Hotel | Presidential Suite (Manhattan)

Willis Towers Watson | Reception Lobby (Houston)

Principia College | Library (Elsa)

Boston College | Conference Rooms (Boston)

Waldorf Astoria | Presidential Suite (Manhattan)

St. John Paul II Catholic Academy (Boston)

Astor Mansion (Charlottesville)

H.L. Hunt Family Residence (Dallas)

Robert Kraft | Residence (Boston)

W. James McNerney | Residence (Minneapolis)

Denver Botanic Gardens (Denver)

Don Henley | Residence (Dallas)

Sam Walton | Residence (Fayetteville)

Raytheon | Principal (St. Louis)

Harbor Group International | Corporate Lobby (Manhattan)

Iranian Embassy | Lobby & Conference (Lisbon)

Archdiocese of St. Louis | Archbishop’s Private Residence (St. Louis)

Archdiocese of St. Louis | Chancery Lobby (St. Louis)

Archdiocese of St. Louis | Pope John Paul II Papal Visit (St. Louis) 

August Busch Residence | Grant’s Farm (St. Louis)