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Rug Rental Program

Rent a Rug for your temporary furniture needs:

  • Rug rental available for set design

  • Rug rental available for start-ups

  • Rug rental available for design staging

  • Rug rental available for home staging

  • Rug rental available for spec homes

  • Rug rental available for showroom use

  • Rug rental available for party and event planning

  • Rug rental available for office use  

  • Rug rental available for personal use  

In addition to short-term rentals, we also offer "rent-to-buy" or "rent-to-own" options for originally intended furniture rental, but eventually preferred permanent use.

As rug purists, the Woven Concepts' team believes in the beauty of longevity.  Nevertheless, we have created a rug rental program to accommodate our customers that are looking for short term commitment benefits with high end rug design.  

Alya Couture Fashion Show with a Backdrop of Rugs

Update your interiors regularly. Look good at lesser cost. Stay on trend with your interiors, with no long-term commitments. 

Woven Concepts is a Furniture as a Service (FaaS) provider.

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