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Rugs in Resimercial Design: A Closer Look

The popularity of "Resimercial" design represents a significant shift in how we perceive and prioritize the environments where we live and work. This approach intertwines the comfort and familiarity of residential spaces with the functionality of commercial settings, whether that be offices, cafes, or restaurants. The driving force behind this design movement is rooted in people's desire for comforting, inspiring workspaces.


The trend can be seen across offices and workspaces in America, especially in the wake of COVID-19 and the rise of remote/hybrid working. Today, the impetus behind that innovation is the blurring lines between home and work. This design philosophy recognizes the impact of surroundings on employee wellbeing and productivity. By incorporating elements reminiscent of home, such as comfortable furniture, softer color palettes, and personalized touches, companies strive to create atmospheres that foster a sense of ease and tranquility. The result is a workplace that meets professional needs but also addresses the wellbeing of employees.


Real Estate Advisors, JLL, conducted a study underscoring the significance workers attribute to office spaces designed for relaxation, with 45 percent of respondents highlighting its importance in restoring wellbeing and achieving sustainable performance. In essence, the rise of resimercial design reflects an understanding of the modern workforce's expectations. It is an acknowledgment that workspaces can be both functional and emotionally nurturing, ultimately creating a creative and balanced work environment that meets the evolving needs and preferences of today's workers.


The impact is not limited to offices and professional workspaces; educational and hospitality settings also stand to benefit, creating environments that prioritize the wellbeing of students, guests, and staff alike. In educational institutions, the adoption of resimercial design aims to foster atmospheres conducive to learning, featuring comfortable and inviting spaces that encourage focus and collaboration. Similarly, within the hospitality industry, the trend manifests in hotel lobbies, restaurants, and communal areas, where the harmonious fusion of residential warmth and commercial functionality improves the overall guest experience. This approach emphasizes the critical role of space design in shaping individuals' moods, fostering positive interactions, and contributing to a more satisfying environment.

Key Features of Resimercial Design Trends

So, what are the key features of resimercial design trends?


·        Comfortable seating

·        Soft ambient lighting

·        Flexible spaces

·        Durable upholstery

·        Residential-inspired accessories like lamps, plants, and rugs


In a detailed analysis of this trend, Work Design Magazine recommends incorporating tactile textures and materials that evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, and familiarity, such as rugs.

The Role of Rugs in Resimercial Design

Rugs play a crucial role in the resimercial design trend as they contribute to a space's overall comfort and aesthetic appeal. Their inclusion adds an essential tactile element, providing a sense of warmth, comfort, and familiarity. In office settings, for instance, rugs can soften the atmosphere and create defined zones, enhancing the overall comfort of the workspace. In cafes and shops, rugs can delineate seating areas, offering customers a cozy and inviting environment.


The benefits of rugs extend to health considerations as well. Their ability to trap allergens contributes to maintaining cleaner and healthier indoor air quality, particularly in environments like offices, where air quality can impact the wellbeing of employees.


Beyond their visual and tactile benefits, rugs also play a practical role in resimercial design. They contribute to sound absorption, reducing noise levels in open office layouts or busy public spaces like cafes. This acoustic quality improves tranquility and focus in work environments and ensures a pleasant atmosphere for customers in hospitality settings. The versatility of rugs also aligns with the concept of flexible spaces within resimercial design. Easily movable, rugs allow for quick changes to the layout, meeting the evolving needs or preferences in both professional and leisure spaces.


The inclusion of rugs alongside other features like comfortable seating, soft ambient lighting, flexible spaces, durable upholstery, and residential-inspired accessories, creates environments that prioritize both functionality and emotional wellbeing, fostering positive interactions and contributing to a more satisfying overall experience.

Woven Concepts' Commitment Quality and Craftsmanship

Woven Concepts is a boutique rug company, specializing in the conception and creation of high-end artisan rugs for commercial, hospitality, and residential interiors, making them an ideal choice for those embracing resimercial design. Alongside our selection of ready-to-ship rug collections, we take pride in extending our services to include custom rug options and value-engineered choices, allowing clients to tailor every aspect to their unique preferences.


Our commitment to customization knows no bounds, as we can bring to life virtually any pattern, design, scale, size, shape, color, style, material, weave, and texture according to the client's exact specifications. The versatility in style options includes:

●      Style Options: Choose from various styles, including Modern, Post-Modern, Contemporary, Post-Modern Organic, Transitional, Neoclassic, Classic, and Traditional rug designs.

●      Weave Options: Explore different weaving techniques such as Hand-knotted, Hand-tufted, Hand-woven, Hand-loomed, Hand-looped, and Flat-weave.

●      Materials: Select materials that suit your taste, including Imported Wool, Silk, Mohair, Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo Silk, Banana Silk, Linen, Leather, and more.


Our rugs are not just pieces of decor; they exemplify a commitment to quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and distinctive designs. This commitment is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering rugs that improve a space's aesthetic appeal and offer outstanding performance and durability. Whether it's creating a focal point in a hotel lobby, defining seating areas in a cafe, or adding warmth to an office space, our rugs are versatile pieces designed to elevate the overall ambiance of any environment.


Discover comfort and style in resimercial design with Woven Concepts. Explore our quality rugs on our website or contact us today.

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